Why I Am Running For State Rep...

Public service is my calling. Whether it is through divine influence or just the innate will to help others, I cannot turn from it. It is why after high school I joined the Air Force. And, since then, I have spent the vast majority of my adult life in service to our people. Helping others achieve the American Dream has always been a focus of my work in public service. Yet, in these times, we see the American Dream under attack by divisive forces in both Tallahassee and Washington DC. I despise war for the lives lost, yet, I will not turn from a fight when our people are attacked. The powers that be see fit to place puppets in Tallahassee that attack our teachers, our nurses, our union brothers and sisters. These powers push legislation that attack our families, our communities, and our loved ones. With our civil rights and economic livelihoods under attack, now is the time to unite. Together we can get our great state of Florida and America back on track. Together let’s achieve the Dream.


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Our campaign does not accept contributions from the special interests and divisive forces that seek to destroy our communities.  We are powered by hard working just people like you.  Help power our campaign.


We are most honored to be recognized by various community groups and individual leaders for our integrity, commitment, and excellence.

Honored to receive the endorsement of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida
Proud to have the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction