Jobs & the Economy

Florida leads America as a center of commerce and trade, yet while billions are made every day, the people in our neighborhoods struggle to make ends meet.  A shrinking middle class and more wealth being diverted to the richest Americans is not good for our economy.  No one should work 40 hours or more just to be broke at the end of the week.  This why Christopher supports the following legislation and changes in the workplace:

Calling Out Rick Scott on his promise, Where are the Jobs?
Calling Out Rick Scott on his promise, Where are the Jobs?

-Increase the minimum wage to $15/hr

-Equal Pay for Women

-Repeal anti-union laws restricting workers rights to organize

-State funded grants and tax incentives to developers creating affordable housing

-Put Floridians back to work by investing in rebuilding our roads, bridges, public transit systems, wastewater plants, railways, airports, seaports, and other infrastructure projects

-Create jobs in struggling communities by investing in workforce programs through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity


Florida has some of the best and brightest students in the nation yet our legislature has chosen to not invest in them.  Reduced or stagnant funding year after year for growing populations of students in both our K-12 and our Higher-Education systems is absolutely unacceptable.  Rick Scott and his allies in the legislature continue their attack on our children’s public education while diverting millions to charter schools that serve their own special interests. Christopher believes in the following policies to improve the quality of education in Florida:

DREAMers deserve Tuition Equity
DREAMers deserve Tuition Equity

-Hold charter schools accountable and audit the state voucher program to ensure our children are receiving a quality education

-Increase base teacher salaries to $50,000 annually

-Make college tuition debt-free at our state colleges and universities

-Legislation to devote scratch-off revenue from the Florida Lottery to the K-12 system

-Enhance early childhood education programs & ensure childcare workers have livable wages


Florida has an abysmal record on providing affordable and quality healthcare to its people.  With such a large aging population investing in healthcare is a win for the people and the economy. So many nurses, doctors, technicians, and aides go to work every day to care for our sick loved ones and the deserve representation that is willing to give them the tools necessary to provide the best care possible.  Yet, Rick Scott & Pam Bondi see fit to block access to healthcare for millions of residents while the leadership in our legislature does nothing. Christopher believes healthcare is a fundamental right, not a privilege and this is why he will support the following policies in Florida:

Demanding Healthcare Reform
Demanding Healthcare Reform

-Expand Medicaid eligibility for over 1 million Floridians

-Pass a Florida law protecting those with pre-existing conditions from being denied insurance coverage

-Legislation to protect women’s access to no-cost contraception

-Fully fund nursing home diversion programs so our loved ones can remain with their families rather than a facility

-Require employers to provide at least 12 weeks of paid family & medical leave and 7 paid sick days per year.

-Fund S-CHIP to ensure every child in Florida has health coverage

-Require nursing homes to install cameras and generators for the safety & security of our loved ones

-Increase funding to local governments and nonprofits for Mental Health programs

-Add opioid addiction as a qualifying symptom for Medical Marijuana in Florida

-Require insurance companies to cover transition for our Transgender loved ones

-Sponsor legislation to end discrimination against Medical Marijuana Patients in healthcare treatments such as organ transplants & ALF’s


Florida is one of the natural wonders of America.  Protecting our environment is vital to our biosphere and our tourism.  As our state grows, we cannot give development a free pass to impact our natural resources.  Polluters must be held accountable for threatening the health and safety of our children & families.  Conservation efforts to protect our environment and ensure clear water & air must be at the forefront of public policy as we face an ever changing climate.  Christopher supports protecting our environment through the following policies:

Save the Dolphins
Save the Dolphins

-Hold polluters accountable for toxic chemicals and pesticides introduced into our aquifer & atmosphere with criminal charges 

-Ban fracking in Florida

-Prevent offshore oil drilling

-Provide tax breaks to businesses that implement meaningful conservation practices to protect soil, air, and water quality

-Fund the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to protect our wetlands, forest, beaches and other natural resources

-Tax incentives for businesses that install solar power, our most abundant renewable resource

-Fill in the shortcomings of the Federal Government and EPA to protect our endangered species by funding the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as well as the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

-Expand incentive programs to hunt and remove invasive species threatening Florida wildlife

-Sponsor legislation to authorize and incentivize Florida farmers to grow hemp for renewable energy and carbon negative resources

Civil Rights

Florida has been at the forefront for the battle over our civil rights for generations.  Every step towards justice & equality, sees steps back.  This is why we must address the attacks on our loved ones, our families, and our communities.  Legislators should be protecting our civil rights to promote equality for all rather than accepting contributions from special interests that seek to divide and conquer.  Christopher will not accept contributions from those powers that be, our campaign is people powered.  That is why he supports the following policies to protect our democracy and civil rights of our people:

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Rally 2016

-Equal Pay for Equal Work

-End workplace discrimination against our LGBTQ loved ones

-Expand early voting sites to all state colleges and universities to encourage voter participation

-Examine municipalities with racial disparities in arrest by local law enforcement among common misdemeanors and felonies

-Sponsor legislation to protect medical marijuana patients from being fired or precluded from employment

-Support for the automatic restoration of voting rights once someone has served their time

-Study the impact of government policies that have a negative and disproportionate effects among our diverse communities

Criminal Justice Reform

Florida is a great state comprised of amazing people yet we cannot deny its ties to Dixie and how policies have institutionalized discrimination from the Jim Crow past into our modern day.  Our state squanders too many vital resources on over-incarceration and zero-tolerance crime policies that could be better spent providing jobs, education, and healthcare to our residents.  Increased accountability and transparency for our law enforcement agencies must be part of rebuilding the public trust.  This is why Christopher supports legislation that will address these policies:

Asking the FL Senate to Decriminalize Marijuana
Asking the FL Senate to Decriminalize Marijuana

-End state contracts with Private Prisons

-Repeal mandatory minimums for non-violent drug crimes

-Invest in rehabilitation programs for inmates through education & job training to reduce recidivism and ease the transition back to being a productive member of society

-Automatic restoration of civil rights for non-violent felons

-Mandatory body cameras for all uniformed law enforcement officers in Florida

-Legislation to end the death penalty in Florida

-Fund programs to assist survivors of sexual & domestic violence and resolve the back log of sexual assault kits

-Sponsor legislation to decriminalize marijuana in Florida and redirect resources for law enforcement agencies to tackle violent crime

-Audit state contracts with companies providing inmate services in order to end price gouging

-Reform the bail system so it does not only favor the wealthy

-Review districts that disproportionately contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline


The brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces have written a check made payable to our nation for the amount up to and equal to their very lives.  Many return home with scars from the battlefield both visible and invisible.  Florida remains a cornerstone of American military power and we must do better to assist our veterans with their transition to civilian life.  Jobs, education, and healthcare all require much more attention by our legislature as they pertain to veterans.  Losing more than 22 veterans a day to suicide and opiate addiction is a crisis we must tackle in earnest.  This is why Christopher will support the following policies to improve how Florida treats veterans:

Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do
Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do – USAFA Class 05

-State funded programs to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage for veterans including dental care, mental health, and OB/GYN services in partnership with the VA and other local hospitals & clinics

-Fund housing for homeless veterans

-Increase workforce development funding for veterans

-Tuition free college in Florida for any honorably discharged veteran

-Waive license plate and tag fees for combat and Purple Heart veterans

Public Safety

America is a nation in crisis.  We have lost more children to school shootings this year than we have soldiers on the battlefield.  In our own state of Florida we saw the horrific violence and carnage inflicted on our kids at Parkland.  Surely we can take steps protect our children without infringing on the 2nd Amendment regardless of what the pundits and powers that be say.  This is why Christopher will support the following policies to ensure public safety:

From our house to the State House We Keep Fighting
From our house to the State House We Keep Fighting

-Enforce background checks at Florida gun shows

-Stand against open carry

-Create a digital sales record for gun sales that can better allow law enforcement to ensure criminals do not purchase fire arms

-Provide special consideration for Veterans to obtain security personnel positions in the Sentinel program to protect our schools